Some of our customers received the email from NIA for a suspect transfer items. Dont worry about them. Here we will answer for all interesting questions and show you how to buy items safely!
From now, our ingress shop accepts almost all types of cryptocurrency! You don't have BitCoins but have other altcoins such as ETH, BCH, XRP, LTC, XMR or other? You can use them with discounts!
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We are glad to support for the last 5 years all agents who don't have alot free time for farming items and want to buy them from online sellers. We will help you to choose the best ingress items seller!
Guardian medal is retired and owning a Portal will no longer affect it. Is it the END for spoofers or ingress gamers? Will agents use guardian destroy service? Answers for all this questions you will find here
Hello Agents. We are glad to start new GIFT INGRESS MONTH from our shop. We have amazing presents for you this time. You will get Ingress Character Medals (badges) for free. Do you want to get such gift?
Hello Agents. We are glad to give all our customers passcodes for free Ingress items. You can use these passcodes on your game scanner or from Intel Map. All passcodes are working and NOT redeemed!
We are glad to announce that with help of our Ingress Prime Beta Testers, our devs finished with new spoofing software that works with Ingress 2.0 Unity real-time engine. Buy gear with Ingress 2.0 APK