Ingress Digital Coin (IDC) - new alternate cryptocurrency!

Ingress Digital Coin (IDC) - new alternate cryptocurrency!

Hello Ingress agents! We are glad to announce that from now, our ingress store accepts different types of cryptocurrency! You don't have BitCoins but have other altcoins such as ETH, BCH, XRP, LTC, XMR or other? You can use them in our shop for purchases with 25% discount!

How to get 25% discount? 

Just write us that you want to pay your order with any altcoin and we will give you an address for payment and 25% discount for this order.

What altcoins you can use to pay your order?

For now we are accepting ALL altcoins that can be find at any market. The most popular for nowadays are BitCoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BitCoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), LiteCoin (LTC), NEM (XEM), Dash (DSH), Iota (IOT), Monero (XMR) and others... You have any type of cryptocurrency? You can spend them here and get 25% DISCOUNT!!!

What is it Ingress Digital Coin (IDC)?

We are working hard with blockchain platform now and going to release our own altcoin - Ingress Digital Coin (IDC). It will work on platform of smart contracts like Ethereum (ETH) but will connected only with mobile games like Ingress. IDC is a massive Smart Contracts management platform with extended features. It also will offer token creation needs for ICOs, and custom services. We are planning to open our pre-ICO by the end of this year. And from 2018 year all transactions in Ingress and other mobile games will be done with IDC - Ingress Digital Coin.

How I can use Ingress Digital Coin today?

Do you hear anything about FOUNDER CUSTOMER LEVEL? We have a special customer level from now and it is called FOUNDER. If you have such level in our shop, then all ingress items (unless medals and accounts) are free for you! It isn't a joke) You will have 100% discount for all ingress gear for all time for personal use only. If you need something, then you are writing our team a message with your custom order and will get for free without any queue. And how to get FOUNDER CUSTOMER LEVEL? It is easy - just buy 1 IDC (Ingress Digital Coin) before we start ICO (Initial coin offering). As we have written before we are planning to open our pre-ICO by the end of this year. So you can do this only before the end of 2017 year.

How much 1 IDC costs?

1 IDC = 0.5 BTC

You can buy Ingress Digital Coins only with BitCoins.
With 1 IDC you will get FOUNDER CUSTOMER LEVEL in our ingress shop and all other our projects connected with mobile games!

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