HOT Summer NEWS from the 1st INGRESS-SHOP.

HOT Summer NEWS from the 1st INGRESS-SHOP.

Hello agents, we have some HOT summer news about INGRESS for you:

1) New lowered prices

All the prices of our ingress shop will be lowered! The summer season and holidays allow us more free time and we dont want you to spend this time for farming. Now you can buy all items you need and spend more time with your family and friends. If you will find ingress items that's in stock at our store for a lower price at a competitor's shop, We will match the price as long as the identical product is in stock at our store. Proof of the lower price is required. We cannot match 'free with purchase' offers, 'buy one get one free' offers or rebates. We will match any competitor's online everyday price for in-stock, identical products. We cannot match sale prices or prices advertised on Amazon, eBay, other auction sites or closeout/discount sites. But in this case we can interesting you with a lot of free bonus items. Thats why it is better to spend money and play ingress with us.

Look our new promo video

2) New ingress items in our store

The ITO EN Transmuter is a mod that alters the hack yield of a portal to provide more offensive or defensive items. Portals have an XM “spin” value which can be either -1, 0 or +1. By default, a portal’s spin is 0. A portal with a spin of +1 yields more defensive items (such as resonators and shields) when hacked, while one with a spin of -1 yields more offensive items (such as XMPs and ultra strikes). Transmuters come in two variants: up (+) and down (-). The up transmuter increases a portal’s XM spin by one when installed, while the down transmuter decreases it. Because a portal’s spin can’t be lower than -1 or higher than +1, installing a transmuter that would push the spin past those limits has no effect. Transmuters of opposite signs cancel each other out. You can buy any amount of ingress transmuters in our store.

3) First Ingress referral system with INSTANT withdraw

Have friends that play Ingress? Love saving money? Love smash enemy portals? Then you’re going to love this :-) Get a voucher for $5.00 for you and your friends by recommending our store. Sign in to your account in our shop and open referral page.

It's quick and it's easy. Just fill in the first name, last name, and e-mail address(es) of your friend(s) in the fields. Your friend will receive email from our store with $5.00 voucher for his (her) first purchase and you will receive your own voucher for $5.00 after friend's first purchase. 10 friends can help you to earn $50.00 and more... Your friends' e-mail addresses will only be used in the referral program. They will never be used for other purposes. You can use your referral vouchers for purchases in our store or you can withdraw money to your paypal account or bitcoin wallet. If you want to withdraw, just send us email ticket with your login (in our shop) and amount that you want to withdraw. Also add information about bitcoin or paypal withdrawal address. Your referral money reward will be sent the same day! Our referral system works only 30 days and for this time more then 650 USD were earned by ingress agents and their friends.

4) Last passcodes for very old and rare badges

We have passcodes of VERY OLD anomalies and characters from 2014-2016 years. Sometimes these medals are obtained by registering for the event in advance through a page set up for the event at the Ingress site, and are “pushed” to your scanner when your participation in the event is confirmed. But we have LAST IN THE WORLD passcodes with anomaly and character medals. We are selling JUST passcode (without card). You can use passcode in INTEL and anomaly medal will be immediately pushed to your scanner. It is limited offer because only 1-2 passcodes left for each anomaly medal. If you will use this passcode for yourself (not for resale) we can give a personal discount up to 35%. Just ask us for personal discounts!!!!
You can choose badges here...

5) First ingress lottery with amazing prices

Since Niantic announced new XM Anomaly called "13Magnus Reawakens" we offer you to RESTOCK your inventory and participate our week and month lottery with great prizes - 100 and 500 AXA and VR shields. Our lottery starts 26.05.2017 and will end 26.09.2017. If you want to participate our lotter you have just make an order for 50-99 USD to take part in Very Rare SHIELDS LOTTERY or make an order for 100 USD or more to take part in AXA SHIELDS LOTTERY.
You can see the results of ingress lottery here...