You have got email from NIA about third-party sellers

You have got email from NIA about third-party sellers

Some of our customers have received emails from NIA about items that were obtained by means that violate Terms of Service. We think that NIA have sent emails randomly or everybody who just transfered items many times with help of capsules, but if items transfer is a violation of TOS, what is the reason of capsules itself and how agents from one faction can help each other? Maybe it is better for NIA to avoid us from dropping items and their pick-up from the ground. Don't you think so? We know that almost 75% of players have a second or third account to store items, it's normal and it does not damage the game itself. 2000 items inventory is too small for an active gameplay especially in a big cities. So when your are dropping items from your storage account it isnt against TOS. 

Some facts why we are thinking that NIA WARNING EMAILS were sent randomly:

1) We know that alot agents who have never bought items anywhere and just hack them received email from NIA. You can find alot posts in Google+ communities.

2) A week ago we have received this email to L7 account mail. This account stopped playing ingress 2 years ago before new levels (from 8 to 16). There weren't ANY items in its inventory. This account never received items from anybody (just hacked from portals).

We have detected items in your inventory that were originally obtained by means that violate our Terms of Service, such as GPS falsification or using unauthorized third-party tools. We are not able to discuss which items were detected or share any additional information about the account(s) that delivered these items to you. If you did not directly purchase these items, it is possible that they were passed to you by another player.
We are committed to ensuring that Ingress remains fair for all players. There are no authorized third-party sellers of in-game items. Please do not make unauthorized purchases as these items could be removed from your inventory.
Thank you,

We can't understand why they have wrote about the possibility to receive this items from another player as TOS. On Ingress Capsule's rule they say this:

<The Capsule is a rare container that can be loaded with multiple inventory items, which can be dropped on the ground to bulk transfer items between Agents> so it seems this is not forbidden in game.

At this moment no one of our customers wrote us about ban or items disappearing, we move with caution for your safe play. So the situation looks returned to normality, we are shipping without problems, fresh mules, fresh capsules all new. Also we are creating fresh mules in your city (using your local IP), so everything looks like your are changing items with your ingress friends.

We recommend to follow this simple rules to prevent NIA detection:

- To take your items from received transfer account it is better to have a capsule (in case of big order a few of them is recommended). You need to drop this capsule from your account, enter to transfer account and acquire it. Then you need to load ordered ingress items from transfer account to capsule and drop it. After that you should log into your main account and acquire capsule with its content.

- WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND to use second mobile (device) for our transfer accs with items. It's much more safer to use second Ingress enabled device. If you will use one device with your main acc - we recommend to reboot it between logouts from transfer acc to main acc. And don't storage ingress items of "higher level" on low level accounts, because you have a chance to lose them.  Our TEAM will help everybody with their problems even if you have used our competitor's service. WE PROTECT NOT ONLY OUR CUSTOMERS BUT ALL INGRESS AGENTS OF ALL FACTIONS! Will be glad to help you with any your problem.

- To prevent NIA DETECT, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND to use all our items as fast as possible after purchase. Don't storage items for a long period of time (1 week storage is recommended time). It is much better to use them all and make another purchase in our shop. We use secured VPN service to protect out transfer (mule) accounts. That's why it is SAFE to buy items from us. We are using the highest level of items transfer security, that's why it is SAFE to make purchases in our shop.

And dont forget why it is good to play ingress with us. Because:

1) WE DON’T SPAM COMM - we dont need such type of advert. We sell ingress items only to those who wants!
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