Why it's good to play ingress with us? Main our advantages

Why it's good to play ingress with us? Main our advantages

1) We DON’T spam comm

We respect you and your privacy so we never spam in COMM game chat. We are playing ingress as you and we love this amazing game. We hate spam in COMM as much as you do. We will NEVER sell any ingress items with help of comm spam. So if you will see any messages from ingress sellers in comm be aware that you wont get any guarantees. We recommend NOT to buy anything from comm sellers/spammers. If you wont use their services, sometimes they will stop spamming because of no profit. If you dont want to be scammed, then ignore all comm spam.

2) We give BONUS items in each order

Everybody love presents. But usually we are getting presents only on holidays. Our TEAM wants to make a holiday for you each day. Thats why we are sending BONUS items with each your order. You can get free xmp bursters or power cubes or rare shiels or even axa, ada or jarvis just free as a present from our shop to you. You can't find out what bonus will be in your order but it will be only usefull items! That's why it is profitably to buy ingress items in our store.

3) We have LOYALTY system

If you use a credit card that gives you credit for purchases you have made with the card then you already know about reward loyalty points. We reward our loyal customers too. For each purchase you are earning loyalty points. In your account you can exchange these points into money $$$ (discount) and use it with your next purchase. For each spend $1 you will get 1 loyalty point. 100 points  can be converted into a discount voucher of $10. That's why it is profitably to buy ingress items in our shop.

4) We have PRICE MATCH Guarantee

If you find ingress items that's in stock at our store for a lower price at a competitor's shop, We will match the price as long as the identical product is in stock at our store. Proof of the lower price is required. We cannot match 'free with purchase' offers, 'buy one get one free' offers or rebates. We will match any competitor's online everyday price for in-stock, identical products. We cannot match sale prices or prices advertised on Amazon, eBay, other auction sites or closeout/discount sites. But in this case we can interesting you with a lot of free bonus items. Thats why it is better to spend money with us.

5) We PROTECT our customers

Sometimes our customers ask us if is it safe to use our shop? There is only one answer, YES IT IS SAFE! NIA will do nothing with your main acc even if they will detect that you have items from our shop. To prevent NIA DETECT, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND to use all our items as fast as possible after purchase. Don't storage items for a long period of time (1 week storage is recommended time). It is much better to use them all and make another purchase in our shop. We use secured VPN service to protect out transfer (mule) accounts. That's why it is SAFE to buy items from us. None of our customers has received ingress account ban/ingress soft ban on their ingress game account for purchasing items from our ingress store. We are using the highest level of items transfer security, that's why it is SAFE to make purchases in our shop.

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND to use second mobile (device) for our transfer accs with items. It's much more safer to use second Ingress enabled device. If you will use one device with your main acc - we recommend to reboot it between logouts from transfer acc to main acc.  Always remember to remove any kind of ingress account from your device that is not your ingress game account. And don't storage ingress items of "higher level" on low level accounts, because you have a chance to lose them. 

If you will have any problems with your account or items - it is because you have used other sellers. Our TEAM will help everybody with their problems even if you have used our competitor's service. WE PROTECT NOT ONLY OUR CUSTOMERS BUT ALL INGRESS AGENTS OF ALL FACTIONS! Will be glad to help you with any your problem.